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How to end Covid-19 in three weeks?

Michael Mina - HARVARD

Michael Mina is a professor at Harvard University and assures that it is possible to end the coronavirus in just three weeks.

How? Mina's proposal is to carry out rapid tests with a price of 1 euro per Unit, They can be done at home without the need for specialists and are easy to distribute. The test is being designed so that in 15 minutes a person knows if they are infected by Covid19 with a simple saliva sample.

Mina ensures that the current PCR detects the infected when they are barely contagious. Indicates that they are usually done to people symptoms or contacts infected and that is why, when a positive is identified, that person has been able to infect others. "When a positive, health services can no longer do much to achieve the first objective: to stop the sprouts ".

The objective of Mina's plan is that the newly infected can be located at time, before that they can continue with the chain of contagions.

The idea would be that everyone could take the test and those who tested positive, stay in quarantine until confirming that they can no longer infect other people. In this way, for 1 euro yes we get to do massive tests to the population, let's say in a period of 1 or 2 months we could at least reduce very much the contagion rate.

This is what this protocol expert has explained to Harvard Magazine. Mine ensures that making these rapid tests are within the reach of the industry. They already exist and their precision is being currently checked.

Share the idea if you like it. We are going to try to stop the virus..